Two Wrights Make a BABY!

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I just can't say how much I love this couple right here. I photographed Julie & JR's wedding two years ago on October 12th. As a wedding photographer, I consider it a huge honor to be hired by each and every one of my clients. One of the biggest days of my clients lives and they chose ME to spend just about every second with them?! WHOA. That's such a stinking honor, y'all. I'm certain most of my clients don't realize how personal my job is until I am telling them goodbye at the end of the night. I think it comes full circle at that point. We have been hanging out all day long on your WEDDING day?! Did we just become best friends? hahaha. Hope you all love Step Brothers as much as I do. But isn't that a huge honor?! 

ANYWAYS, now that I have written a book about how intimate the photographer/wedding client relationship is- that brings me to these two people.  I photographed Julie and JR's wedding two years back. If you all have seen that crazy cute photo of a bride and groom with a horse smiling beside them, this is THAT adorable couple. (I reposted above for those who don't know what I'm talking about.)

One year and nine days post wedding, Julie underwent surgery to donate her kidney to her own momma! Julie's mom had been in renal kidney failure and the day before her handsome beau proposed, she found out she was her momma's donor match! So fast forward 8 months, 2 weeks and 4 days post SUCCESSFUL surgery- Julie and JR find out they are PREGNANT! And having this nifty little job that I do, I get the first secret words of a their new pregnancy! The images speak for themselves. There is so much love between these two humans and I'm so excited to them become parents.  

Congrats to the new mommy & daddy! 

My favorite part of this session is when JR is writing the word 'Baby' backwards in the air. (We had to have him write it a couple times to get things just right in camera.)  Julie and I were complimenting him on how well he was writing 'BABY' backwards in the air. His reply, 'well I was practicing in the shower this morning'. Isn't that the most adorable thing, like EVER?! Mic Drop. 





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