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We see it all over the internet. It's splattered all over Pinterest and Instagram. SUNSET. SESSIONS. These dreamy warm summer images of families or couples frolicking and soaking up the last few minutes of the warm summer sun. Now, I'm not here to make my case against these sessions. I LOVE these sessions. I'm here to make my case for SUNRISE SESSIONS, y'all. SUN-RISE. Yes, I typed that correctly. Here is my case for what you may think is the unthinkable. 

  • The temperature is usually more comfortable for everyone. The kids, the parents holding and playing with the kids. We all don't want sweat dripping from us in our images.  Not to mention it can be better for the hair and makeup situation
  •  The Kids. I don't know about your household, but my kids are much happier in the am then they are around bedtime.
  •  You have the rest of they day to do WHATEVER YOU WANT. Let's face it, when you have an evening session your ENTIRE day revolves around pictures.
  •  Ladies, you may be able to get ready in peace. You can get up and get ready before your household wakes! 
  •  A chance of FOG. How awesome is fog, y'all?! 
  •  The BEST part, you STILL get that amazing golden sunshine in your images!


I am happy to shoot at sunrise or sunset. I personally love sunrise and am pretty passionate about it. Ultimately it's what works best for you and your family and am happy to do either. 


Here are a few recent sunrise images I did a few months back! 



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